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Welcome to O2Filtration

O2Filtration is a provider of filtration and waste management systems and solutions. O2 brings 45 combined years of wood industry experience and over 25 years of filtration system expertise to every problem. Our company has the knowledge and products to provide a complete resolution to your filtration and waste management needs.

O2Filtration is the exclusive US distributor of Höcker Polytechnik products. Their filtration systems, waste management systems, and briquetting presses are used in industrial plants and small shops worldwide. They have designed, built, and installed over 40,000 systems worldwide.


Updated: June 21 2013

We are glad to announce that we will be exhibiting in Las Vegas at this year AWFS 2013 show…..Booth #9343.

In our booth we will feature state-of-the art dust extraction with Hocker Polytechnik, Multistar dust collection unit with:

  • Integral “clean air fans”, safest and most efficient fans available
  • ATEX certified construction, Europe’s most stringent safety compliance program
  • Integral mounted Briquette Machine, helps in managing waste load by compacting as much as 10:1 reduction rate
  • Standard “Energy Management” controls, will eliminate power spikes and peaks, automatically controls air flow through a series of automated “blast gates” which indicates how much air the system needs, and will utilize a frequency inverter to control the integral clean air fans.

We will be showing this unit along with the clamp together ducting as we have partnered with Weinig/Holzer USA to provide this efficient design and system.

We will also feature the Vacumobil JT300 with Timesavers Inc. This small, compact, power unit features the ATEX certified construction standard as well. Some of the features:

  • Quiet and efficient
  • Portable on casters
  • Large storage bin capacity, 35 gallon bins
  • Energy Management System with Variable Frequency Drive
  • Control up to eight machines
  • Built-in fire extinguishing system
  • Explosion proof, based on the ATEX requirements
  • 3531CFM @-8”wg

See it in operation at Booth #7612 Timesavers, Inc.

Upcoming Events

We are glad to announce that we will be exhibiting in Las Vegas at this year AWFS 2013 show…..Booth #9343.

Product Announcements

O2 Filtration introduced a new solution to the woodworking market at the Weinig Open House on April 29th & 30th. It combines an interior 5000CFM dust collector with a briquette system so the system can handle larger volumes of waste without having to empty drums or plastic bags. Design criteria hinges on NFPA 664 for the woodworking clients and follows the specifications for an interior "open style" dust collector. The collector or briquette machine can be supplied as a combination unit or as individual pieces.

NFPA 664 recommendations stipulate the following for interior collectors in the woodworking sector

       . No more than 5000CFM capacity
       . Filter bags must be exposed to the atmosphere (not           contained in a housing)
       . 20' from an area of egress
       . Unit can not be place on a mechanically fed sander
       . The storage containment area must be emptied on a           daily basis.

The PAFo dust collector and C4-14 briquetter fulfills all of these requirement, all while creating a useable or marketable by-product in the 2.5" diameter wood briquette.

Contact O2 Filtration for more information on how we can help you solve your dust and waste problems.

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